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Cold Chain System

The blue chip of refrigeration/frozen logistics market

From the production area to the customer,
we provide the logistical base that can be relied on!

What is Cold Chain?

By maintaining a low temperature from the production area to the end-user, the Cold Chain technology is a low-temperature controlled logistic system that is applied to diverse industries and its value is increasing day by day.

Cold Chain System Keeper

This is the first product in the world to be equipped with an environmental sensor (CO2, decomposition) and receives and transmits data on 5 measurement items which are temperature, humidity, illumination, vibration and location and with a large capacity embedded battery (500mAh), it can be used for 6 days.

Smart Tag

The world’s first bio-logistics delivery system

We manage the safety and transportation
status of blood and samples in real-time!

Smart Tag

Smart Tag uses RFID to provide real-time monitoring and management system for the safety of the blood and samples through the overall transportation process.

Main functions and expectation results

Real Time Sensor Tag

Logistics delivery system to preserve freshness

We manage real-time the freshness and transportation
status of refrigerated and frozen products!

Real Time Sensor Tag

Real Time Sensor Tag is a system that provides superior product management in the refrigeration and frozen transportation industry by checking the environmental changes in real-time.

Main functions and expected results

Cold Chain Keeper

Logistic transportation system that can measure upto -200 degrees

We can measure even in cryogenic temperature of -200 degrees
and manage the transportation status real-time!

Cold Chain Keeper

Cold Chain Keeper is a system that provides excellent product management in the special transportation industry such as umbilical cord blood and liquid nitrogen transportation by checking the transportation situation in real-time even in cryogenic temperature environments of -200 degrees.

Main functions and expected results

Water Management System


We can take care from the water quality to the security of small-scale water facilities with our security and integrated management system!

System operation method

The integrated water management system is the perfect alternative to overcoming the risks of the facility real-time to provide safe drinking water for the residents.

Main functions and expected results


No more fine dust! Indoor air cleaner!

We can create a comfortable indoor environment
for your children real-time!

System operation method

Main functions and expected results


Making a safe world with the click of a button, the Safety Bell!

With Bluetooth technology,
you can get out of an emergency situation quickly!

Product information

The user can quickly request a rescue when in an emergency situation with the Bluetooth based calls and texts and there is a function to prevent loss so it can be used on valuables as well.

Main functions and expected results


The company that makes success from creation! We are making new leaps toward our 20th anniversary!

We are pioneering a brighter future with
new technologies for the environment!

Dongwoo Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company that researches and develops products that combine the environment and ICT field, and produces and sells products that combine IT with the environment, health and safety fields such as cold chain system and integrated management system for small waterworks facilities.
Dongwoo Engineering Co., Ltd. will lead the green IT technology innovation by developing more convenient and safer technology for a brighter future and environment.

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